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Friday, January 7, 2011

Greetings - Sidia Abou - sidiaabou@yahoo.com

From: Sidia Abou <sidiaabou@yahoo.com>
To: a_arju@yahoo.co.uk
Sent: Sat, 8 January, 2011 5:39:23
Subject: Greetings



Thanks for your responds.  I believed and pray that you will carry out my instructions exactly the way I give it to you because I really need some one who will utilise this money according to my wish. I would have like to speak with you but one side of my mouth was affected by cancer so I can not speak well. I will call you through the help of a Norse who is helping me here in the hospital; her name is Miss Bintu Aruna 


I notify the bank where my late husband deposited the money about my intention of the transferring the money into your bank account in your country, the bank informed me that I must provide a letter of Authorization to them to enable them comply with you when you apply for the transfer. I will submit the letter of authorisation to the bank through a Norse who is helping me here in the hospital after finalising with you.  



I want to plead you to be careful in discussing this issue with the people because I don't want any body including my late husband relative to be aware of this project because my late husband death was suspicious which I don't trust any body around here any longer that is why I am afraid for you to discuss this issue with people. It is only the bank and my doctor is aware of this issue and they are the only people I want them to be aware. My late husband relatives has inherited other properties of my late husband like lands and building and my late husband warned me before his death not to allow any body to be aware of this project for security reason which I have made it open that any body who will carry out this project must do it exactly the way I instructed in order to achieve our dream.


I will direct you how you will contact the bank after hearing from you so that you will arrange with the bank on how they will transfer the money to your bank account immediately. I will like you to tackle this fast so that if there is any document I will sign before the transfer, I will do that immediately because the doctor told me that my cancer operation will take place next week and I am afraid because I don't know what will happen during or after the operation. I will give you the contact of the bank if you accept to carry my instruction exactly the way I gave it to you. 


I will give you the deposit certificate the bank issued to my late husband the day he made the deposit  after hearing from you. Find the attached file; you will see copies of my picture when I was healthy and also here in the hospital.



I wait to hear from you.


Yours faithfully,
Mrs S. Abuo

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